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NMLR Productions

NMLR Productions is a production company for producing "Live" performance broadcasts,videos, digital productions of music, documentaries & movie production. NMLR Productions produces the live Rock show NMLiveRocks and does the production work for the Indigenous Research Center as well as Cultee Music.

Indigenous Research Center

The Indigenous Research Center is the Educational entity of the group. it does research into ancient knowledge & ancient decipherments. Ancient knowledge includes ancient calendars systems,global mapping system & a unique "Indigenous" science based on the number "13"

Welcome to Cultee Music

Roger Cultee is an enrolled member of the Quinault Nation & Executive Producer for NMLiveRocks an internet Rock Show & NMLR Productions based out of Albuquerque NM USA. Roger's a singer/songwriter & molded in the tradition of the 60s & early 70s Rock music. Roger has 2 CDs out now "Roger Cultee" & "Mud". Roger Cultee Music is also available on the Internet : Apple iTines, Rhapsody, emuisc, medsinet, Inprodicon, Tradebit, GreatIndieMusic, Amazon MP3, Groove, imusica, Spotify, 7 digital, Deezer, Google Music Store, iHeart Radio, Rumblefish, Slacker Radio, CD Baby Publishing, Shazam, Yandex, YouTube Music, Tidal, Akazoo, SoundExchange, 8 Tracks, SynctankKdigital, Kuak, AWA, kkbox, Pandora.

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