Our Approach

Is to utilize the modern tools at our disposal to bring an ancient culture back to life. With the deciphering technique I'm introducing here, allows the "Ancients" to speak for themselves. For way too long "Indian experts' have been speaking for them. Let the "Ancients" speak ! Our mission is to educate while entertaining.

Our Story

Starts with us. For way too long we've allowed non-natives to interpret to us our own stories & culture. The time has come not to only tell our own stories but also to reclaim our heritage & "our" intellectual & cultural property rights not just for ourselves, but for all our "children" & the Future.

Meet the Team & See what we're doing !

Roger Cultee - Executive Admisnistrtor              Tracy Greer - Co-Executive Administrator              Colleen Gorman - Webmaster Computer Expert              Alan Hines - Video & Audio Specialist            Alexandra Buresch - Videographer

Cultee Music

All the music & news about Roger Cultee. Music Cd's, music downloads, sticker decal albums & other merchandise. Also for booking performances, performance information & other music business related matters.

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NMLR Productions

NMLR Productions is a production company for producing "Live" performance broadcasts,videos, digital productions of music, documentaries & movie production. NMLR Productions produces the live Rock show NMLiveRocks and does the production work for the Indigenous Research Center as well as Cultee Music.

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Indigenous Research Center

The Indigenous Research Center is the Educational entity of the group. it does research into ancient knowledge & ancient decipherments. Ancient knowledge includes ancient calendars systems,global mapping system & a unique "Indigenous" science based on the number "13"

Click on the button above to see what is meant by " Into the Ancient Future". This is utilizing modern digital technology to bring back an Ancient technology & culture. "Ancient Gallery" can be purchased here for $ 6 from the "Music" tab above.

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